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This craft workshop, titled “Hello Sunshine!”, is designed as mindful, sustainable and creative experience. Over the course of two sessions, participants will learn how to create a sunflower wreath using recycled materials. The workshop will include a guided meditation aimed at connecting participants with the energy of sunshine and summer, which they will then infuse into their sunflower creations.

Techniques such as knotting, wrapping, and tying will be taught, enabling participants to transform scrap fabric and mason jar lids into vibrant sunflowers, which will then adorn a unique wreath made from repurposed materials. The workshop emphasizes environmental consciousness and creative expression, offering an opportunity for participants to engage in sustainable crafting practices while fostering their creativity.

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To enhance the workshop experience, participants will be guided through a meditation to connect with the energy of sunshine and summer. The meditation will allow participants to tap into the warmth and positivity associated with these natural elements and use them to infuse their sunflower crafts with these qualities. As they create their sunflowers, they will be encouraged to visualize the energy of the sun and the joy of summer filling each petal, creating a vibrant and uplifting finished product.

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Over the course of two sessions, participants will learn how to use recycled materials to create a wreath decorated with lovely sunflowers made from scrap fabric and mason jar lids. Recycled material such as bubble wrap will be used to create the base of the wreath, and participants will then incorporate the sunflowers they’ve created to add a rustic farmhouse touch.

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The craft workshop involves using several techniques to create the wreath and sunflowers. Participants will learn how to cut scraps of various fabric and use them to make sunflowers by knotting around the mason jar lids. The inner jar lids will be used as the center of the sunflowers to create a three-dimensional effect. The base of the wreath which will be assembled by wrapping, taping and tying.